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Goldmine Shithouse

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Goldmine Shithouse - Untitles - Art Garage
Art Garage
Original Artwork by Goldmine Shithouse
Title: Untitled
Date: 2008
Medium: Mixed media on paper.
Size: 7.5 x 5 inches

Artist Bio: Goldmine Shithouse

Goldmine Shithouse is a five-year-old, three-man avant-art collective that's done their highly conceptual shows in NY, Berlin, and SF. This piece is part of the Russian Reduction Exhibition at the Michael Rosenthal Gallery 2008. 
The Goldmine Shithouse (GMSH) is an artist collaborative that was started by artists David Hochbaum, Travis Lindquist and Colin Burns in early 2003. The three met on a weekly basis every Saturday night keeping the doors open to other friends and artists to hang out and join in the collaborative process. The work is started by one artist, then passed on, or put aside until picked up by another, and so on, as the piece begins to take shape. At one point, the majority rules in the decision to continue, or deem it finished. This creates a communal atmosphere and a dialogue between the participants, in which all the artists involved have say.