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Candice Lin

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Candice Lin - The Discovery of the New World #9 (Rites of the Dead)
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Original Artwork by Candice Lin

Title:  The Discovery of the New World #9 (Rites of the Dead)
Date:  2004
Medium: Ink on Paper
Framed Size: 10 x 8 inches

Artist Bio: Candice Lin 

( Courtesy of Wikipedia)
Lin is known for her ethnographic approach to art-making alongside crude fantasy scenes. The post-colonial critique behind Lin's work can be seen in her piece, Dildos (Corn Hill, Queen Victoria, Bird in Space) first shown at a solo show at Francois Ghebaly Gallery. Here, dildos encased in bell jars are made from molds of corn and are either pink, white, or black-hyperbolic "skin tones". 
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