Art Garage

Georg Baselitz

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George Baselitz - Art Garage
Art Garage
Original Artwork by Georg Baselitz
Title: Grunes Tuch (Green Cloth)
Date: 1990
Medium: Print
Framed Size: 62.5 x 42 inches

Artist Bio: Georg Baselitz

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Painter and sculptor Hans-Georg Kern (German, b.1938) renamed himselfGeorg Baselitz in 1961, after his hometown Deutschbaselitz, East Germany. He is renowned as a German enfant terrible for the nonconformist expression of his paintings, which he developed amidst the East-West divide of a traumatized Post-War Germany. Baselitz grew up in East Germany, exposed solely to communist imagery, and trained in the Socialist Realist style at the School of Visual Art in Berlin-Weissensee. He was accused of “socio-political immaturity” by the school, and subsequently fled to West Berlin in 1957, where he studied the Contemporary movements Art Informel, Tachism, Abstract Expressionism, and Conceptual Art. Rebelling against what he saw as a prescribed abstraction of West German avant-garde painters, Baselitz produced a personal and expressive series of figures in dirt and flesh colors, strongly influenced by Art Brut and the art of the mentally ill. Fascinated by the brutal existentialism of authors likeAntonin Artaud and Charles Baudelaire, Baselitz painted painfully distorted and abused figures and body parts in his works, infusing them with unsettling tones of sexual obsession.